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BACKFENCE Storytelling: Russian Roulette

Hosted by B. FRAYN MASTERS and MINDY NETTIFEE | Music by DJ Bobby D from XRAY.FM

Russian Roulette is our high stakes, high-risk live storytelling show where six seasoned performers spin a giant game show wheel filled with mystery prompts. 

Storytellers have just 5 minutes to prepare and tell a true 5-minute story based on the prompt they land on — the audience votes for the winner! This show features TWO past winners, TWO runners up, and TWO NEW challengers all vying to tell compelling funny/poignant/gross/sexy/mysterious on-the-spot stories. 

The audience votes for a winner at the end of the night. The winner also draws an audience winner -- both get $150+ of booty from our sponsors and partners! 

A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the Oregon Food Bank.